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YíShí Foods

Product Sales & Optimization
Yishi Foods

New and emerging brand in the retail market, offering Asian-inspired oatmeal products. Inspired by the founder’s Chinese heritage and love of Asian cuisine, YiShi oatmeal turns any meal or snack into a small celebration. 

Growth Challenge
Get Yishi products into Sam’s and Walmart.
Growthwise Group Solution

We were able to secure product placement for them at Sam’s Club and Walmart, targeting the appropriate markets.

Growth Results
  • Sam’s HI carries the Taro Bubble Flavor. 
  • Walmart just picked up Yishi’s full line of Asian Oatmeal.
  • Taro Bubble, Matcha, Chocolate Chili, and Mango Cream are in 237 stores. 
  • Chocolate Chili and Mango will be exclusive flavors for Walmart.
  • We were also involved in Walmart’s Asian Heritage Food Event to help bring awareness to YiSh’s products.

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I am thrilled to provide a testimonial for Growthwise Group and their exceptional work for Yishi Foods. Their instrumental role in landing placements for Yishi in Walmart and Sam’s Club has been nothing short of remarkable.

Growthwise Group demonstrated an unmatched level of expertise and dedication in understanding the needs of Yishi Foods. Their creative strategies and insights truly proved invaluable in positioning Yishi for success in these prominent retail chains.

The insights provided by Growthwise Group were second to none. Their deep understanding (and experience)  of Walmart and Sam’s buying process ability to identify trends and opportunities were crucial in guiding Yishi’s decision-making process. They offered valuable recommendations that helped Yishi gain shelf and pallet placement.

Overall, working with Growthwise Group has been a game-changer for Yishi Foods. Their commitment to excellence, combined with their creative strategies and insightful guidance, has propelled our brand to new heights. I highly recommend Growthwise Group to any company seeking to expand their market presence and achieve outstanding results.

Steve Taneman, Vice President Sales

Yishi Foods

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