Our Retail Roots Run Deep.

Real World Retail

Growthwise. Our name is our promise.

Walmart. Sam’s Club. Caesars Entertainment. Ahold. American Signature. TracyLocke. Rockfish. These are just a few of the companies where we’ve held executive positions.

Growthwise Group clients – large and small, established or early stage – seek us out to leverage the wisdom we’ve gained in our combined 150-plus years of retail experience.

Our depth and breadth of experience uniquely position us to see possibilities and find solutions for every aspect of your customer growth journey: sales, merchandising, marketing, sourcing, digital and ecommerce.

We meet you where you’re at and are committed to growing your business. That commitment is core to who we are. We only take on clients for whom we expect to deliver game-changing results.

Our team combines your opportunity and our experience to deliver sustainable growth.

Meet the Team

Our retail roots run deep. We’re VPs, EVPs, CMOs, CEOs, Digital Anthropologists and Six Sigma Black Belts. We’ve managed budgets and P&Ls from small to in excess of $50B. Our depth and breadth of retail expertise is surpassed only by our track record of results. We only take on clients and projects that we know we can impact –so much so that we’re willing to invest in our collective results. Here’s the team of experts ready to help your business grow.

Greg Spragg

Managing Partner

Greg is a highly accomplished retail executive with broad merchandising and operations experience. He has been an advisor to large-scale retail, start-ups, specialty retail, turnarounds, global private equity, consumer goods and brand management firms.

Meet Greg 

Maggie Nation

Senior Partner

Maggie started her career in operations and marketing at McDonald’s. She followed her passion for data-led insights into customer journey leadership agency and client roles at TracyLocke, Caesars Entertainment, Sam’s Club and American Signature Furniture. She is a proven leader at growing brands, revenues and talent.

Meet Maggie 

Mike Turner

Senior Partner

Mike is a business leader and retail executive with more than 36 years of experience in all areas of operations, merchandising, e-commerce and membership programs.

Meet Mike 

Mike Roberts

Senior Partner

Mike has more than 25 years of wholesale club industry experience. His success at every level of operations management warrants him expert status in optimizing financial performance through superior execution.

Meet Mike 

Kenny Folk

Senior Partner

Kenny is an executive with extensive experience in the retail and warehouse club industries. He is an untiring champion of the customer and the associate, recognizing that the key to any successful endeavor is the relationship between those who are serving and those who are being served.

Meet Kenny 

Gina Stephens

Client Manager

Gina has an in-depth knowledge on both sides of the retail business (buying & selling) and brings a creative and collaborative solution to retail challenges.

Meet Gina 

Peter O'Grodnick

Client Manager

Peter is an innovative buyer with over 20 years of merchandise experience. He has a superb reputation within the grocery retail community – uncompromised integrity is the hallmark of his service.

Meet Peter 

Dacia Boehmler

Business Development Manager

Dacia is an expert in sales, merchandising, business & development, go-to-market strategy, and has 15 years of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and small private start-up companies.

Meet Dacia 

Lisa Adams

Manager, Analytics & Client Support

Lisa has a deep knowledge on both sides of the Walmart and Sam’s Club businesses, which allow her to bring a creative and collaborative solution to retail challenges.

Meet Lisa 

Donna Lucas

Business Manager / Accountant

Donna is a seasoned professional with more than 25 years of retail, banking, and accounting experience, most of which gained while working for and with the world’s largest retail organization.

Meet Donna 

Stephanie Meador

Business Analyst

Stephanie is a highly skilled supply chain professional with more than 25 years experience in the industry. This rich experience allows her to bring forward thinking and creative solutions to all aspects of her business interactions.

Meet Stephanie 


Sam's Club 

Digital Retail & Commerce

We create bespoke comprehensive digital shelf strategies, tactics and programs designed to drive customer loyalty, conversion and sell-through. From Amazon to DTC, omni-channel to pure-play, we specialize in digital consumerism and the platforms that matter most to your business and your customers. Read how we helped Sam's Club grow.


Growth Strategy & Business Development

Growthwise Group is well-positioned to empower your company with C-suite and SVP-level expertise across multiple disciplines. Operations to finance, sourcing to supply chain management, sales management to merchandising, marketing to e-comm, we have proven expertise in them all. Read how we helped Boxed.com grow.


Product Sales & Optimization

Developing a winning product is only the first step. How will you convince retailers to stock your product, either online or in their brick-and-mortar stores? We’ll advise you on the right product/portion sizes and SKU varieties. Read how we helped BFY grow.


Sales / Merchandising Strategy & Support

We created Growthwise Sales Solutions™ to meet the demand of clients asking for our expertise to grow their sales through broader distribution. This service leverages our partners’ insider knowledge of how retail works to get — and keep — your products on shelves. Read how we helped Crider grow.

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