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Growth Challenge

Eat Real Snacks had big goals and were looking to replicate their amazing success as the number two snack brand in the UK in the United States.  Unfortunately, after more than seven years of working on this themselves through direct employees, distributors, and brokers they were faced with limited distribution, customer satisfaction issues due to out stocks due to supply chain inefficiencies and no forward movement.  

Eat Real Snacks also had no control of their Amazon brand page, due to no proper US management and aggressive third-party sellers, they needed help owning the customer experience and reclaiming the buy box.   They needed a US partner that could be run their US Operations and launch and grow the Eat Real Snacks portfolio in the better for you snack brands area in the USA.

Growthwise Group Solution

Growthwise took over responsibility of Eat Real Snacks’ entire US operations.  The immediate solution was to get a quick handle on the current business and identify what wasn’t working.  Then, leverage our proven success at launching and growing brands in multiple retail channels by creating a thorough launch plan along with a five-year growth plan.  We quickly dug into all details of operations, third party partnerships, and current retail customer relationships.  Identified huge disconnects in operations from billing to forecasting, and unprofitable business relationships that offered no return on long term investments.  Then quickly put in place solutions and new processes to solve the identified problems using six sigma processes and our vast retail and brand management experience.

Growth Results

In only 4 months and 1,100 hours of work, we identified profit loss issues, stabilized production and improved working relationships with 3rd parties, built back trust and dependability with current retailers, while also landing new sales.

  • Profit Improvement:

    • Identified customer invoices not billed as far back as a year, created a process and procedure for invoicing and payment reconciliation.

    • Created item PNLs.

    • Led monthly meetings with finance team in UK to confirm payment and receipts

    • Fought unnecessary deductions from distributors

    • Orders were created to factory to cube out trucks, saving $1000s in trucking expenses each order.

    • Found retailer to take short dated product that was identified at old warehouse.

  • Operations Improvement:

    • Led demand forecast, production planning, and production development with US copacker

    • Obtained ownership back from 3rd party sellers of Eat Real Snacks USA on Amazon

    • Built a master file that identifies customer specific costing, discounts, and terms

    • Identified POs that were late or never processed or even sent to the warehouse to fulfill.

    • Developed six sigma driven process for PO workflow with warehouse for on time delivery

    • Updated all COIs, Certifications, Supplier information that was not getting renewed or updated in retailer systems which can result in immediate deletion.

  • Sales Improvement

    • Increased average monthly shipped by 21%

    • Secured 4 brokers, adding 20 major retailers to the sales strategy

    • Obtained regular meetings with corporate Kroger buyers to grow sales and profitability.

    • Secured a Kroger promotional shipper to relaunch the product in 2000 stores

    • Hosted 3 sampling events

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