Melyssa St. Michael

Digital Anthropologist / Contributing Advisor

Meet Melyssa

Melyssa is responsible for identifying and mining digital behavioral signals to understand nascent, emerging, micro and macro cultural and consumer trends. She then leverages those learnings to drive meaningful business innovation, transformation and impact.

An expert in digital strategy, Melyssa’s background of digital anthropology and search sciences provides a deep foundation for the architecture of compelling and contextually relevant consumer engagement strategies.

Her unique talents enable her to create meaningful brand experiences that persuade, convince and convert across a multitude of channels, technologies and platforms – from search to ecomm to AI.

Melyssa brings more than 15 years of experience delivering next-generation methods and tactics centered around persuasion architecture, utilizing search, content and user experience levers.

She has a proven track record of driving multi-channel acquisition of key consumer targets –be it online, in-store or in peer-based social environments.

What Melyssa’s work has translated into for clients:

  • A new way to leverage renewals at 1/10 of the cost for Sam’s Club
  • Architecting Walmart’s pool category to gain share via text message
  • Helping Ford evolve from a transportation company to a mobility company
  • Uncovering the “Why Rewards?” for American Express
  • Saving $500K per flight path for Southwest Airlines
  • Bringing AI to General Mills and Unilever