Christi Bromley

Project Manager

Meet Christi

Christi Bromley is a whole-brain thinker and a full-hearted contributor.  Her passion for creative expression is balanced by her drive to simplify processes and improve efficiencies.

She earned her MBA with a focus on Continuous Improvement and a Black Belt in Six Sigma, both of which compliment her more than 20 years of experience in retail, primarily with Sam’s Club.

Her skills and aptitude for timeline and project management enabled her to lead high impact projects throughout her career, such as the implementation of an improved lead qualification process for new member acquisition, a more efficient proofing process for marketing, streamlining sales support activities, and supporting the creation of a new business development vetting process.

Christi thrives when faced with seemingly impossible problems. She relies on her skills and training to lean into each situation with expertise, intuition, and a collaborative spirit, resulting in creative solutions to every unique challenge.