Fancy Food Trade Show Trends

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The Fancy Food Show is a tradeshow that showcases specialty and artisanal food and beverage products from around the world. It is organized by the Specialty Food Association, a trade organization representing the specialty food industry in the United States.
Specialty foods and beverages are in high demand, and the 67th Summer Fancy Food Show delivered! The sold-out Show featured 2,200+ makers and manufacturers from six continents, offering the newest and best products across 40+ specialty food and beverage categories.  
Observations from our Team
  • Honey: The event showcased a wide variety of companies offering traditional honey and an assortment of flavored options, including the popular hot honey trend.

  • Fermenting: There was a notable presence of products related to fermentation, indicating a growing interest in this ancient preservation technique and its potential health benefits.

  • Non-Alcoholic Cocktails: The show significantly focused on non-alcoholic cocktails, highlighting the rising demand for sophisticated, alcohol-free beverage options.

  • Sustainability: A strong emphasis was placed on food and beverages that incorporated upcycled or regeneratively grown ingredients, reflecting the industry’s commitment to environmental consciousness.

  • Beneficial Bean Snacks: The show exhibited many chip products featuring beans as a healthy and nutritious alternative, offering consumers a satisfying snack.

  • Tempeh: The event witnessed a large presence of tempeh, a traditional Indonesian food made from fermented soybeans. This showcased the growing popularity and versatility of this plant-based protein source.

  • Balanced Health: Products promoting overall well-being and balanced nutrition were prevalent, indicating a consumer shift towards holistic health and wellness.

  • High-Quality Meal Prep: The show highlighted various high-quality meal prep options, catering to individuals seeking convenient yet nourishing meal solutions.

  • Starters, Bases, Kits for Convenience: The convenience factor was evident through the availability of starters, bases, and kits that aimed to simplify the cooking process, making it more accessible for consumers.
  • Plant-based products were more prominently featured at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York compared to the Winter Show in Las Vegas. It appears that the NY show attracts a more diverse international audience, including a larger segment of plant-based enthusiasts.
  • Plant-based industry manufacturers increasingly recognize the importance of offering healthier and cleaner-label options. Many are actively seeking ways to improve their products’ taste and nutritional value.
  • Turkey is emerging as a notable source of high-quality produce and upscale products, gaining recognition on a global scale.
  • It seems that newly established startup brands are consistently being embraced by the same retailers with a track record of being early adopters in the market.
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